We have a strong partnership for a successful business


02 Launch "Smart Homepeel Brand "PIRA" and line-up products "PIRA peeling4u", "PIRA Ultra Firming Neck Cream"


07 "Development of Non-Metallic Antimicrobial Antiviral Film "LOV" and Patent Application


11 Participate in the 2019 COSMOPROF HK

07 Participate in the 2019 K-Beauty EXPO BangKok

05 Signed five OEM supply contracts with Shenzhen Taishin Industrial Materials Co., Ltd. in China

01 Participate in the 2019 Tokyo Health & Beauty Goods EXPO

01 "Alfays 1 Daypeel & Activator" Certified by China's Ministry of Health (CFDA)


12 Product development and supply contract with GAIA Technology Company in Taiwan

12 Invitation to Mongolia 2018 K-Beauty & Slim Diet Health EXPO

11 Participate in the 2018 COSMOPROF HK

09Participate in the 50th Guangzhou Estimated International Beauty Fair

07 Participate in the 2018 Korea Excellent Product Exhibition in Jenam, China

06Participate in the 2018 K-Beauty EXPO Vietnam

04Thailand Bloomigo Co., Ltd. signed a contract to supply homefill products "mfeel" OEM


12Product development and supply contract with GAIA Technology Company in Taiwan

11 Participate in the Hong Kong Cosmop

09 Participation in the 49th Guangzhou International Beauty Fair

08 Established and certified corporate research institute

062017 k-beauty expo vietnam participation

05 Participate in the Hong Kong Cosmop

03 Developed and released smart home filling "Dermapeel H"


09 Participation in the 2016 Guangdong International Autumn Beauty Fair in China

06 Participation in the 1st China Hunan Province "Important Beauty Health Fair"

03 "Cooperation with Japan fi & KAN SADAKO Branded Products OEM Supply


10 Dermapeel One-touch and five other CFDA certificates

03 Cooperation with Dendrobium, Japan & OEM Supply of "SP" Branded Products

02 "Alfays Real Milk Sheet Mask" was released using the milk mask sheet "eppora"


10Professional high-purity premium peeling product "Alfays 1Daypeel & Activator" is released

04EDKSPA Solution (Pimonche) Business Alliance "Swanifil" OEM Supply


07Strategic alliance with Guangzhou Daimengfei Cosmetics Co., Ltd, China

07 Acquire patent of Warmfler

05 New product Dermapeel Onetouch launching


05 Partnership with Nexzen Co. Ltd(Ninza, Implant)

05 Partnership with Amos Cosmetic (Spagoa herbal peeling)

04 KFDA permit manufacturing business of healthcare appliance


07 Partnership with Aro cosmetic (Ronas peel)

05 Establish of laboratory affiliated with company

03Acquire Korean Medicine Facial Rejuvenation Society's certification (微細藥草針)

03 Registration of Venture Company

01 Acquisition of ISO 9001, ISO14001


11 Development of Warmfler(medical blanket for warmth)

08 Partnership withMK Corporation(Troy peel)

06 Development of exportable brand- Dermapeel

01 Change of company name – CHOSUNG CORPORATION Co., Ltd


06 Medical Cosmetics - Dermavation

01 Business Alliance with Retipalm Co., Ltd. in German


11 Development of Biological Skin Renewal System (微細藥草針)

10 Estabilish of ChoSung Tech